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Marketing and Business Development in the Law

How can lawyers leverage marketing and business development principles to win more work? What’s it like to work in BD/Marketing in law firms? This week, I’m exploring the careers of successful BD professionals in law with Kim Wiegand. Kim is a seasoned business development professional who has worked in large law firms and magic circle firms across Australia and the United Kingdom for the last 18 years. I think you’ll get lots of value from this episode if you are A lawyer wanting to learn how to use business development and marketing to grow your practice and win more work; Someone wanting to understand how to better leverage your firms marketing/BD department to grow your practice; A small firm lawyer/solo practitioner wanting to grow your practice or; A young lawyer/mid-career lawyer looking to understand what it’s like to have a career in BD/Marketing.

We covered:

The role of BD and marketing professionals in law firms

What lawyers need to know about marketing and BD, and

how they can make the most of their law firms’ BD departments.

Digital marketing for law firms;

The impact of COVID-19 on BD and marketing;

What it’s like to jump from law to BD;

The key things small firms can do to win more work;

Practical ways to improve diversity in law.

Some of my favourite quotes:

“When you ask women in law about what needs to change to improve diversity, it’s not quotas. It’s the thought process. Diversity of thought needs to be appreciated.”

“We can’t have a group of homogenous people sitting in a room making decisions about a business that is in an industry that is evolving at pace. They will never keep up.”

“Success now looks like doing great work with great people.” 

“Buyer behaviour has changed now. The most powerful form of marketing is referrals.”

“A lot of lawyers don’t understand the power of their network. They say ‘oh I’ll do a good job and they’ll come back.’ Buyer behaviour is changed now.”

“People buy people. If you’re not communicating why you get out of bed and why you do this every day, people won’t connect with you.”

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