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Seeing new partners thrive by build profitable practices and engaged legal teams.  

The Julip Foundation Pathways to Partnership course is specifically designed to reflect the evolving demands and skills required of law firm partners. 

The course is centred around a framework of five pillars and is delivered in a flexible and hybrid ‘on-demand’ and ‘interactive’ style.

The course is designed to bolt on to the majority of firms looking to focus specifically on their partner-track cohort development. The Julip team will tailor delivery style and the content of the five pillars to suit your firm and cohort size and skill levels.  

The Five Pillars

Take the first step in developing the confidence to build your team and practice.

Developing a Sense of Self

People & Leadership

The Business of Law

Clients & Markets

Innovation & LPM


I have not seen a course structure which delivers as much in such a well considered way for new partners.

Learning & Development Lead – Mid Tier National Firm

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