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What we are about

Seeing women move into leadership positions within law firms successfully, sustainably and authentically. 

With more female lawyers in firms than men, you would think that would equate to excessive numbers of women in partnership and senior leadership roles. Alas, for many women, that is not as attractive an offering or perhaps a reality. In fact, a significant number of law firms are struggling to meet their female partner quotas, and not for the lack of trying.  

Many women we speak to confirm that they believe to be a female partner they will never see family, not worth having children and will burn-out within a few years. We believe there is an alternative! 

In 2022, Julip Advisory will be launching a female only Pathways to Partnership Pod-Program. This will be aimed at supporting the outstanding senior talent within our law firms to build confidence and competence to lead with authenticity, managing success sustainably. 

This course is an adaptation of the Foundation Pathways to Partnership Program and will support women to build the skills they need to build a successful practice without sacrificing balance. 

The Five Pillars

Take the first step in developing the confidence to build your team and practice.

Developing a Sense of Self

People & Leadership

The Business of Law

Clients & Markets

Innovation & LPM


Successful women can still have their feet on the ground, they just wear better shoes.

Upgrade your shoes and change your horizon. 

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